Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Caratunk, Maine

This update is from Michael himself. We are in a lodge in Caratunk, ME for the nite to dry off a bit from the rain we encountered today and yesterday. It is gonna be a bit difficult to type in our nitely journal entries we do after each day of hiking, so what I will be doing is sending my entries home and have Mom type them in for me. The hiking in Maine has been awesome and we are really hiking some big miles each day (151.2 so far!). The 100 mile wilderness was unreal and we enjoyed our time out there, but we were happy to get into Monson for some rest. The forcast calls for rain over the next few days as we hike towards Stratton, ME but we will push through the last 100 miles of Maine and into New Hampshire. I will check back in later and try to get some more pictures up in the coming weeks. I love everyone at home and miss you all.

.........and miles to go before I sleep

- Michael Benvenuto
trailname: Don "The" King,
given to me because I am constantly promoting while out on the AT.


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