Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blake here, checking in from Straton Maine. We're staying at a pretty cool bunkhouse. We hiked 5 miles in under two hours this morning to make sure we had time to get to the P.O. before it closed. (thanks for the fuel dad! thanks for the deet mikes mom!) We had a huge breakfast this morning and we are going to relax for day. The weather has been very cold and rainy the past week so we were ready for a short break. The weather for the rest of the week looks great and we'll be heading back out tomorrow. Mike and I are feeling great and we are excited about the fact that we are just about a week away from finishing Maine. 10% of the trail!!!)I'm sure Mike will post on here shortly, maybe we'll be able to get some new pictures up.

Writing from a warm and toasty bunkhouse
Blake (Super-T) = My trail name


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