Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mt Greylock in Mass

Blake left a phone message on our machine at 11:46 a.m. to say that the posse was in North Adams, Massachusetts with plans to cross over Mt. Greylock this afternoon.

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Info on Greylock: Mt. Greylock (3,491 ft.) is the highest peak in Massachusetts. Located in the Berkshires near New York State, Greylock is part of the 12,500-acre Mt. Greylock State Reservation. There are two notable landmarks on the summit: Bascom Lodge and Memorial Tower. Built in 1937, Bascom Lodge accommodates 34 overnight guests, serves meals, and sells products related to Mt. Greylock and the outdoors including a great map of the Reservation. Its new operator in 2001 is Nature's Classroom, a non-profit organization that provides environmental education programming services to schools throughout New England and New York. The 92-foot, granite Memorial Tower commemorates casualties of all wars. Its beacon can be seen blinking at night 72 miles away. The Appalachian Trail passes over Greylock's summit on its way from Maine to Georgia.


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