Wednesday, July 13, 2005

On the long trail in VT!

Writing this from the Killington public library just off of the AT. We will get our first taste of the famous long trail today. Its a mountain path that runs from the mass border all the way to Canada.

Vermont is harder then we expected. Although the climbs arn't as steep and high, they take a while because the switchbacks slow your progress down. The heat has been punishing but we are drinking tons of water and swimming every chance we get.

Right now I'm off to the town pool.

Much love and thanks to Jim in West Hartford, VT who took us in, gave us water, fed us a steak dinner, a huge breakfast, and let us sleep on his porch. Wonderful trail magic!

Today we begin to hike south on the famous Long Trail in Vermont. It runs all the way from Mass. to Canada and we hike on it for 96 miles. 6 more miles of hiking left in my day so I better get moving. Go Sox!


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