Sunday, June 26, 2005

1 down 13 to go. 12% done!

Blake and Mike checking in here. We're on a pretty slow computer so this is going to be short.

We're at 'The Cabin' in Andover Maine. 'Honey' and 'Bear' the folks that run this place are taking great care of us. We slack-packed (hiked w/ day packs) today for 10 miles and came back here to the cabin for another night. (free of charge!)

Mike and I cooked 25+ burgers for the hikers staying here and we had another great meal.

Great news:< We'll be in New Hampshire tomorrow!!! Our next town stop will be Gorham, NH. Tomorrows hike will include the famous Mahosouc Notch. 2+ hours to go one mile up, over, and through house sized boulders and tunnels. We're very excited to be done with Maine. (second biggest state on the AT!)

On to the great White Mountains of New Hampshire. Health wise we feel good. Some sore knees and feet but other then that, we're doing great. Mentally we are still rarin' to go.

Blake & Mike
Super T & Don King


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