Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Team Accelerade

Blake and I have gained another corporate sponsor, Pacific Health Labs. They will be providing us with their sport drink product Accelerade. It is the first sports drink that provides rapid hydration plus the added benefits of all natural protein to re-energize muscles during exercise and help muscles recover faster after exercise. A big thanks to Richard over at Pacific Health Labs for setting this up for us.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Team JetBoil

Blake and Myself are now members of Team Jetboil. They have been nice enough to provide each of us with a Jetboil PCS cook system, 2 cannisters of the JetPower Fuel, and a Jetboil coffee press. There is also the possibility that Jetboil will pick up the tab for any additional fuel we may need whilr on the AT. In return we will be supplying monthly feedback reports and will exchange our used Jetboil PCS, which they will examine, for a new one. This was very exciting news for both of us, since out of all the applicants we were both selected to test the product which has won the Backpacker Magazine 'Editors Choice Award' this year.