Thursday, April 21, 2005

40 days and counting.....

Hard to believe.....a year ago this was all just a dream, pushed way in the back of my head. Now, in just 40 short days, I will be leaving for my AT thru-hike. At this point I am 90% prepared. I purchased my 'big ticket' items a while ago and now I just have to pick up some of the smaller stuff. I'm not to worried about it though. Physically I'm in OK shape. Rugby gets me running around for a couple hours, but its only 3 or 4 times a week. And playing rugby can't do anything to really simulate what its like to climb up and down hills for 10 hours a day. In fact, the only REAL way to get in shape for climbing hills all day, is climbing hills all day. I have 5 months to do that.

From a monetary perspective I'm doing nicely. I made a lot of sacrifices in the last 4 months in order to save money. I only allow myself one trip downtown per month. That has def. helped to save on cash. I haven't gone to a movie or had any real nice meals in months. Now that I think abut it, the only thing I've purhcased consistently is gas. I'm not complaining though, I know it will be worth it. I'm working 30+ hour a week at the grill which is great because the pay is decent, the work is fun, and I get tons of free meals.

Other then that....I have to tie up some loose ends w/ RIT and my scholarship organizations.

Before I know it, I'll be tromping through the woods along the AT.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Michael's ready

Me on my AT thru-hike:
I'm gonna do whatever it takes to kill the trail. I want the trail to bleed with every footprint I leave. I want Mt. Katadyn to come alive and battle me as I climb to the top, and Springer Mt. to roll away down the coast to try and escape me as I run it down and beat it down to the size of an ant hill....I will own the Appalachian Trail, and nothing will stop me from finishing b/c there is someone I need to get back to.