Friday, July 22, 2005

On the wings of trail angels.

Blake here checking in from the public library in Dalton, Mass. It's great to be in town and even better when you come across some amazing trail magic. We happened to pass by 'Tom' on the trail in North Adams, Mass. Tom is a legendary trail angel on the AT. He offered to meet us at the bottom of Greylock Mtn and take us in for the night. Sure enough we called him from a local church and he was there shortly. He took us back to his house, gave us cokes and fed us a HUGE and DELICIOUS pasta dinner. We watched tv and fell asleep on his living room floor. The whole 'Joe's Hole Posse' was there and it was really nice to kick back and relax. Thousands of thru hikers have stayed at Toms place over the last 20+ years and he had plenty of good stories about some of the crazier hikers he has met on the AT. Toms place in Dalton Mass. Thanks for everything Tom!
The climb up Greylock was spectacular. It was steep and rugged but the Joe's Hole Posse made quick work of the winding trail. We hit Greylock w/ great weather and the views were incredible. We feel so lucky to have had Greylock, Washington, AND Katahdin on perfect days. The chances of that are so slim but somehow we've lucked out.

Today we woke up and Tom drove us back to the trail head. We did a quick 11 miles into Dalton, Mass. We have to do some errands tonight, mainly laundry and food and we've got our eye on a cool Irish bar where we plan to watch the Red Sox game tonight.


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