Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Super T’s dad reporting: On Tuesday 23Aug, I traveled down to NJ – where the New Jersey Boys are from and where Super T had been seen by doctors there last week – to pick up medicine for Super T. I then drove west out of NJ towards Harrisburg, PA. I arrived in Duncannon, PA) west of H-burg) in the early afternoon on my “medical supply mission.” Super T, Don King, and Blaze were just finishing lunch at a local pizza place, and I joined in. Later, I reconnected with Gills and Samoa (and the New Jersey boys at the "quaint" DOYLE HOTEL – a Mecca of sorts for thru-hikers. Here is the web site for the hotel -- – and the operators and owners ( Pat and Vickey Kelly )do a wonderful job of making thru-hikers feel welcome. All Sobos and Nobos have their picture taken and a few days from now, you’ll be able to see “our group’s” pictures on the web site. Make sure you start checking by the weekend.

I brought Blaze, Super T, and Don King out of town for a re-supply mission at a large supermarket and then stayed a while at the hotel for a few Happy Hour libations with the New Jersey Boys and Joe's Hole Posse. Lots of trail-worn folks but also happy ones too. I departed for CT around 6. The group was to get underway today – Wed – by mid-morning. The next big city/town goal is Harpers Ferry, VA in a week’s time.


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