Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rest and Relaxation

Well..... we're in our home town of Cheshire, CT! The southern contingent of the 'Joe's Hole Posse' is taking a short break from the trail to meet w/ family and friends in Florida. Mike and I decided to take equal time off the trail to relax, eat some real food, and hang out w/ family n' friends.

We will be returning to the trail next Friday, right where left off at the CT/NY border. We have fully completed Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass. and Connecticut. That's a 1/3 of the trail. We are really proud of our progress and we have made so many wonderful friendships and memories. The trip is shaping up to be far better then any of us ever imagined it would.

Thanks to everyone who has signed our guestbook. We really look forward to reading the entries because they certainly help to keep us going on the hard days. so thanks!

A belated message of thanks to Frank who we met in Manchester Center, Vermont. We were stunned by your hospitality, kindness, and generosity. It's not every day that we get to meet good people like you. The stay at your cabin was a terrific stop on our Appalachian Trail journey, and it won't be soon forgotten. Count Mike and I in for the MS bike ride next summer.


At 3:48 AM, Blogger Rick said...

Welcome home, guys! I can't believe you are doing 20 and 24 mile hikes. You must be in great shape.

Just to let you know, the humidity is out of the state of Maine for a while.
It is in the mid 70's during the day and mid 50's at night here in Vienna, Maine, about 20 miles north of Augusta.

Eat your mothers' cooking. Let them fatten you up.

All the best,
Rick Castaldo


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