Sunday, August 28, 2005

In Gettysburg

Mike and I decided to get off the trail for a day to check out the historical town of Gettysburg, PA. We managed to hitch a ride some 20 miles from the grocery store in Fayetville, PA all the way to G-burg. We are going to take a bus tour of the battlefields later. We had planned to rent bikes but we found that it cost $30 for two hours! Not worth the money especially in this heat.

Right now we are checking out the campus of Gettysburg college and thought we might stop in at the library to use the internet. It's a very nice town filled w/ some amazing history. The downtown area has lots of old buildings, some of which have bullet holes and damage from cannon fire.

Big Thanks to: The Unitarian church group who we met at the Ironmaster Mansion hostel. You guys were so generous and the food was incredible. Thanks for fattening us up.

and Woody! Woody gave us a ride today in to Gettysburg, real nice guy. Check out this line of energy drinks. He gave us a bunch of free samples.


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