Monday, August 29, 2005

Pennsylvania-Maryland Border

Blake's Dad Reporting: On Monday Super T and Don King crossed over the border from PA into MD.. The other half of the posse -- Samoa and Gills -- are a day ahead of them. Blake and Mike took yesterday off and hitched from the trail into Gettysburg. They looked into renting bikes to tour the battlefields but decided instead to take an organized tour by bus. They loved it! The tour guide announced that he did not believe "in having his group stay on the bus to see the sights" and while most of the others groaned at that, Mike and Blake were first off the bus at every stop! Lots of history and lots of questions and answers. They also took in the sights at Gettysburg College. In fact, at the end of the day, they headed back to the campus to find a place to sleep. After much frustration at being told there was no place, they had just about given up. Then one coed, noticing their packs (and looks) mentioned the Gettysburg College Outing Club. They have their own building on campus. In exchange for "trail stories, advice, equipment choices, etc, they had a place to sleep for the night. Supper was pizza with members of the outing club. Hitching back to the AT this a.m. proved difficult. After a two hour attempt, Mike went to a printing store and had a small sign made up (with AT/Appalachian Trail on it). Within minutes, they had a ride. They then hiked 18 miles to the MD border. Harpers Ferry is the goal (easy to meet) in two days.


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