Thursday, September 01, 2005

An Ode to our dear pal Sully...

On the 31st of August in the year two thousand and five we came across a creature of pure positive spirit and a thirst for adventure. He crossed our path around 1 o'clock, he was heading north on the trail and when we met it was an instant conection between him, myself, and Blake. At that moment we gave the norhtbound traveler a trail name, Sully, and he began to follow us on our journey south. After about a half an hour we relized that our new friend Sully was traveling alone, and that he had now become our responcibility. Let me say now that our friend Sully was a young hound, a beagle. We saw he had a collar and figured we would call his owner when we came to the next shelter, which was about 3 miles away. Sully was a great hiking partner, he stayed right with us, and hiking with a veracity that we had never seen. Every once and a while Sully would find a scent and follow it off into the woods, but like clock work he would return to us after a few minutes of self exploration. When we made it to the shelter we provided Sully with a dish of water while we called his owner. We told his owner that we would bring him to the next road crossing about three and a half more miles south of our position. He was shocked that his young pup had hiked so far from home and was nervous that his dog Sammy (Sully's true name) would be able to make it the rest of the way. We asured him that Sully was a strong hiker and would have no trouble with the next portion of the trail. From there we moved on. Sully moved with the same energy that he had during the first few steps he took with us. We flew throught the three plus miles and made it to the road in just over an hour, his owner was waiting there for us when we arrived. He was proud that his beagle had logged the miles he did. It was sad to see Sully go, even though we knew that our time with him would be short. Blake and myself had become attached to the vigerous young adventurer, and would never forget the time we spent with him.


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