Friday, September 09, 2005

Once more unto the woods dear friends

Mike and I are in Fort Royal, VA.

We are making good time in Virginia and the people we've met have been very friendly. We stayed in town last night and caught a movie. Afterwards we spent almost 2 hours looking for a place to stay. We stumbled on 'the apartment 2g gourmet restaurant' It was an old apartment turned in to a place to eat. Very nice and way out of our league (their guests had nice clean clothes and didn't smell) They were beginning to close down and Mike managed to talk his way in the door. The next thing I know we are eating a full meal and relaxing at a back table! Thanks guys, the food was amazing! We slept on the floor of the restaurant, right above the staircase. It was great!

Thanks to Brandon at Weasel Creek Outfitters. We spent about 4 hours here relaxing and shooting the breeze. We got to look at some of the new gear out on the market and I bought a new sleeping bag and new trekking poles. I would def. recommend this outfitter to future thru hikers, this guy really knows his stuff!

Finally, much love and thanks to my Uncle Mike and my Aunt Susan. They took me in for a few days in D.C. and made a valiant effort to fatten me up. (For example, in one sitting I ate: 2 cheeseburgers, 1 hotdog, 2 plates of baked beans, 2 pieces of ice cream cake, 1 bowl of ice cream) Tiffany met me there and we had a great time exploring D.C. and enjoying the roller coasters and the water park at Kings Dominion. I have to say though, two of my favorite parts of the weekend involved driving. First, I got to drive my uncle’s 51 Chevy pickup. I did OK, no stalls or traffic violations but I couldn't touch my Uncle Mike’s ability w/ this beast. He drove it like a pro and heads were turning at every corner. The second driving highlight was the trip back to Harpers Ferry. Picture me and Uncle Mike in a fast red convertible tearing through the Virginia down.....just beautiful. Thanks guys, I had an amazing time and you made me feel right at home. Nice to have family so far from home.


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