Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yankee boys invade Tennessee

Greeetings from Damascus, VA, known as the 'friendliest town on the AT.'

Today a much anticipated hike through the Grayson Highlands was rained out and anger over the red sox getting swept resulted in Mike and I hiking 33 miles today to get here. Keith and Lisa are 9 miles behind at the shelter. We will see them sometime tomorrow in town. We are staying at "the place" It's a HUGE hiker hostel owned by a local methodist church. It is two full stories of bunk rooms and lounges and the place is completly deserted. It is easy to see why Northbounders stay here.

We may zero tomorrow, or try and arrange a slack pack and do some low mileage. Either way, by Monday the Joes Hole Posse will be hiking in Tennessee. We are finally coming to terms with the idea that we are on the 'home stretch'

Virginia was great. The terrain varied from day to day and the weather slowly began to turn cooler. We hiked up and over countless mountains, through cow fields, and across grassy balds. I loved VA, I will have to come back and hike some of the best sections again.

Lets go.....anybody that beats the Yankees!


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