Friday, September 16, 2005

Mike and I are in the town of Waynesboro, VA. We had to stop in to get food and a few items at the outfitter. We both had the 'all you can eat' pancake lunch at a local diner. Mike put down 6 massive cakes and I did 5. I followed it up w/ a milkshake.

The hiking has been great. The terrain so far in VA has been rolling. The climbs are usually no longer then 15-20 minutes and they have been graded nicely. Lots of great views and plenty of wildlife. We both saw a bear the other day and have seen 30+ deer, most of which are fearless of humans.

We're hoping for this warm weather to break! Its mid september and temps are still reaching 90. Weather calls for a cold front to be coming in so that should be nice.

Will the sox hold on to their playoff spot??? Hope so!

Irish 2-0 w/ a win AT Michigan!


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