Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In the Shenandoah

(Photo courtesy of Samoa & Gills)JHP with Bill Sugrue in Luray, VA

Mike and I are staying at the house of a JMU professor who we met way back in New Hampshire. She told us if we made it this far we were welcome to stay w/ her. Well we did, and so we called and her husband David picked us up yesterday afternoon. We have been relaxing and watching movies and I bought a new pair of trail running shoes.

The Shenandoahs have been beautiful and it is nice to be back in the high country again. The views have been outstanding and we are crossing paths with lots of section hikers and weekend warriors. There are even 'waysides' where travelers on Skyline Drive can stop for gas, food, etc... AT hikers take full advantage of these stops and Mike and I even got to watch a bit of pro football on Sunday.

Thanks to my dad's high school era friend Bill Sugrue. He and my dad did some backpacking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the early 1960's. Bill, who lives in Alexandria, VA, was nice enough to drive out and meet us on the trail. He took us out for a great lunch and drove us around Luray, VA while we ran some errands. Thanks!


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