Friday, September 30, 2005

The South....The DEEP South.

We are in Pearisburg, VA. The colder weather has FINALLY come. Not sure how long this will last for but as of now it is perfect hiking weather. During yesterdays hike in to Pearisburg we hiked through a terribly cold rainstorm which lasted for almost 3 hours. Not very fun especially when the rough terrain makes it hard to move quickly. However, by noon the clouds had blown past and the sun was out. The totally calm and cool atmosphere made for AMAZING visibility. We were treated to some of the best views we've seen all trip.

Yesterday we did 32 miles in to Pearisburg....making it our biggest day ever. We rolled up to a church hostel around 9 pm after devouring some Subway. The church hostel was a cool old barn which has been converted to accommodate hikers. (the hiker smell is probably not unlike the smell of the animals which once inhabited the barn, so we felt right at home)

There has been a recent surge in trail magic on the trail. We have found sodas in streams and roadside coolers several times in the last couple of days.

We expect to be out of VA and in to TENN in about 8-10 days. Hard to believe!

Things are great. I'm about to head to the P.O. to pick up a batch of moms famous toffee squares! Can NOT wait. bye


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